Best Korean Wedding Photography

Korean has mainly two kinds of Korean wedding photography, such as modern and the traditional. The modern wedding concept is similar to the Western wedding style. The wedding ceremony mostly hold in the ballroom of a hotel or certain building. However some of the wedding couple also tend to hold their wedding in the church for getting the religious vibes during the agenda. The photos from modern wedding concept of Korean tend to copy or be inspired from Western wedding style. Some of wedding couple tend to capture the pre wedding moment with the landmark as the background photo.

Korean wedding photography

The second Korean wedding photography concept is the traditional ones, which is often been adapted by many people from different countries. In fact, since Korea mostly known as the Korean Pop and Korean Wave, many young people have the dream of having the wedding similar to the Korean culture. In the traditional wedding ceremony, the wedding couple used Hanbok, which is the traditional Korean dress. The wedding Hanbok is more elegant and tend to have red as the domination color. The unique look can be seen from the cheek of the bride, where the cheek is painted with the red dots in change of using blush on. It is because the tradition have adapted from the history.

In the traditional Korean wedding photography, you will see there some ceremonial poses need to be done by the wedding couple, like each couple bend to each other as the respectful meaning. The bending method is also different and unique, which the women shows the elegant of arm gown. The Korean wedding ceremony is really different compared to Japanese and Chinese tradition, even there are some similarities in other ceremonial things. As the hanbok plays the most important role in Korean wedding concept, the background also add the point to the wedding value.

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