Best Wedding Photography Moment

There are so much memory are recorded and emotion emanated from a wedding photo. Moreover, when looking at the best wedding photo range throughout 2016. Junebug Wedding released a collection of photography dubbed Best of the best wedding photography Collection from around the world. Chosen 50 most beautiful photos during 2016, and here are some of them. First theme is the warm hug. A beautiful photo not only shows the emotional closeness of the bride and groom, but also the relationship with the family. One of them is a picture of Tara Thellen showing her grandmother’s embrace for her beloved grandson who is getting married.

best wedding photography

Second best wedding photography showing the captivating landscape also supports wedding photos increasingly dramatic. Nuance was more exotic when done in the desert, complete with a friendly camel. This photo is by DanelleBohane. The next photo captured by Photographer Christopher Foltz, which gave a dramatic and emotional impression on the black and white shades. Impressed mysterious but beautiful simultaneously. The last preparation is the next concept chosen. A bride prepares herself before stepping on the altar. This sexy photo was taken by Petra Reger for WertvollPhtotography. The next concept is walking with him after making a faithful promise is an irreplaceable happiness. This moment is immortalized by Indian Earl photographer.

Those best wedding photography have been chosen for the best capturing moment with the perfect time. In capturing the best moment, a photographer should know the best time to capture, since when it is missing, the moment can’t be replay again. In example when brides mate throwing all the petal flowers in the air, the levitating moment will be the best time to capture. When the flower petals has reached the floor, then it won’t be the same as the previous photo. In addition, to capture the best moment, angle also plays important role, and therefore a photographer should aware of the best angle in a moment.

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