Canon 1100D: Best Camera for Wedding Photography

Canon always become one of best camera for wedding photography. It is important to choose DSLR camera for wedding occasion since it can give special effect and produce best quality photo. For Canon EOS 1100D Camera Specifications is already made well by the Canon Company and for the Advantages Canon EOS 1100D camera was already very much so that it is very easy and profitable users who already have a Canon Camera 1100D product. Therefore here I will try to thoroughly review about Specification and Price Canon EOS 1100D latest camera in full so that you all can get to know more about this Canon DSLR camera product.

camera for wedding photography

Then for the Advantages of Canon DSLR 1100D Camera, as one of best camera for wedding photography, is when viewed in terms of the engine is already Gahar because the Canon Camera Lens 1100D already installed a 12.2 Megpixsel Camera Lens that can be used to produce sharp and clear Image Image with the image quality reached Resolution 4272 x 2848 and Photo format has been using JPEG, RAW and DPOF which is very pamper its users. Then in Canon Camera 1100D is equipped with Feature Range Aperture Lens f / 3.5-5.6 with Range Shutter Speed ​​30 – 1/4000 sec so that Excellence Canon 1100D camera is able to facilitate the user in taking a picture at once in one second.

As for the features of Canon Camera 1100D, as the best camera for wedding photography, there is in the capacity of ISO Range which amounted to 100 – 6400 which serves to provide a good image quality which still good in the setting despite the lack of light effects and for Focal Length reach 18 to 55 which serves to produce a photo is good and makes it easy for its users either for Beginner Photographer or Public. This camera is really perfect to capture best moment during wedding ceremony, with all the features and easy operations.

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