Best Digital Camera Under 200 List

best digital camera under 200

Nikon Coolpix L830

Nikon-made cameras this time equipped with NIKKOR lies with optical zoom capability reaches 34x with 22.4mm wide bandage width so you can easily to take pictures freely. The design is embedded in this best digital camera under 200 is also quite elegant and also fit and comfortable when you use to shoot and produce images with quality and sharp. For features of this camera is equipped with features feature Vibration Reduction means that if you take a picture but your hands rocked then the VR feature will reduce the blur image due to your swaying hands. In addition, this camera has 3” screen which is featured with anti-reflection system with 921k dots.

best digital camera under 200

Canon Powershot SX410IS

This best digital camera under 200 is quite urgent for the affairs of photography article this camera equipped with 40x optical zoom, which is also armed with CCD technology with resolution 20 million pixels.Not only that this camera is also equipped with image management technology DIGIC 4+ and also this camera you can use to record video with HD 720 p quality and also 1080p.This camera lens is equipped with a wide lens that allows you to view the object and the area of the shooting is wider when compared with other cameras. Surely you will get a picture that is crystal clear.

Sony H-300

The next best digital camera under 200 is Sony H-300, which is often called as semi DSLR camera. This camera allows you to perform manual controls for shitter speed affairs.Not only that you can also control the aperture and ISO as well as a DSLR camera, another advantage of this camera is the Sony H-300 has a cheap price when compared with other DSLR cameras.This camera is also equipped with 35x optical zoom, and for battery power this camera is equipped with Lithium batteries that you can find on a small outlet even if you find your battery is damaged.

DP Camera Review: Cannon Brand

DP camera review

Canon digital camera has become one of the legendary camera. This brand is always getting attention from the community from time to time. Based on DP camera review, sales of Canon cameras are many compared to other brands of digital cameras. This is not because the quality of the camera is good, durable, easy to use, and economical. If other brands offer the best camera with an expensive price, then Canon dare to offer a cheap price with a quality that is not cheap.As a superior camera brand, Canon certainly has a superior camera product compared to other products. As we all know that Canon is a leading camera brand at the same time leading in the world. Lens collection is very much ranging from the lens of a low quality, medium quality, up to a lens that has high quality. Canon DSLR cameras also provide the right lenses for beginners to the right lens for people who have expert in the field of photography.

DP camera review

Based on DP camera review, one of the cheapest Canon DSLR cameras today is the Canon 1000D type. There are many types of other types of Canon cameras that have a cheap price with good quality. Many people love Canon cameras because the menus inside them are well organized. Thanks to the neatly arranged menu, the beginners were quick to respond in using Canon cameras without having to ask questions. Advantages of other Canon DSLR cameras is this camera has a full menu even for you who likes to record a moment in the form of a video clip.

With the full features provided, it is worth, based on DP camera review, Canon can compete with other leading digital camera products (Also read: DSLR Camera Prices). Now Canon continues to strive to develop themselves both in terms of features and in terms of materials used to make the camera. Thus, Canon consumers will certainly more booming later.

Top 2 Best DSLR Camera Under 1000

best dslr camera under 1000

Nikon D7200

First best dslr camera under 1000 is Nikon d7200, which has an elegant design and luxurious impression, coupled with exciting features like existing WiFi that can send image / video files. And coupled with the existence of 51 focal points that can be to facilitate the retrieval of the object. Of course with 24.2 megapixels will feel once clear, and sharp on this camera.Using iso 100-25600 makes when shooting at night or less lighting can run smoothly. For self-embedded videography Full HD and wireless microphone feature. This camera is cost around $900 -$1,000, which is suit to all features it is armed.

best dslr camera under 1000

Canon 750D

Next best dslr camera under 1000 is Canon 750D. The main advantage lies in the image sensor that has been upgraded megapixel to 24 MP. The autofocus system is also upgraded from 9 dots to 19 dots, a legacy of the Canon EOS 7D and 70D. In addition, the metering system (light measurement), the autofocus performance during live view is also improved. Camera without Wifi is currently a strange impression, then the Canon 750D also already have WiFi + NFC built-in.These improvements in my opinion is something that is significant enough so that the competitiveness of this camera remains strong because it deals with other DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras that have been using the image sensor 24 MP and autofocus fast. Although in my opinion actually 18 MP is enough for APS-C size sensor.


This best dslr camera under 1000 has a dial wheel on the camera, so when shooting in the M mode, users do not need to hold the Av button again to change the aperture setting or lens openings.At the top of the camera there is also an LCD to view camera settings such as Canon 70D cameras. The existence of the LCD screen above reduces the battery load and the settings become more clear when shooting in outdoor conditions are very bright. The third advantage of 760D is in liveview, 760D autofocus can be to follow the moving subject. Both prices are USD $ 100 adrift.

Best Digital Camera Under 300: Nikon Coolpix S7000 Review

best digital camera under 300

Nikon Coolpix S7000 has become one of best digital camera under 300. It is because the feature equipped is worth of the price it is given. This type of camera is also one of pocket camera which is very easy and handy to carry everywhere. It really suitable to capture best moment, either indoor area or outdoor area. Even though capturing the moment in the dark place, the flash which is armed with this camera can make the best photo result. Many digital camera are lacking in capturing the moment in the dark room condition, but it is not with this pocket camera. It is also very suitable for travel lovers since it can be best camera to capture all moment during your travel journey.

best digital camera under 300

There are some specification armed with this best digital camera under 300. This pocket camera has an ergonomic design, so it will facilitate you in storing this camera in the bag. In dimension, Nikon Coolpix S7000 has size 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.1 inch with a weight reaching 165 grams. In addition, this pocket camera has also been equipped with a screen measuring 3 inch.Nikon Coolpix S7000 is equipped with NIKKOR 1 per 2.3 “CMOS 16 MP lens capable of optical zoom up to 20x. With the ability to zoom along it, then you can take the object from a distance even though.The most fun feature on this camera is the NFC and WiFi feature. That way, you can directly upload the shots directly to social media.


Those specification of this best digital camera under 300 is very suitable for carrying this camera everywhere. It can capture best natural scenery and also armed with many other features which will complete your preparation in traveling during holiday. You can also insert the SD card within the camera up to 1,000 gigabyte. It will be very suitable for holiday, in addition to be very handy and cost under 200 dollars.

Buying from KEH Camera Review

KEH camera review

KEH Camera is one of the online store which offers best camera for the customer. The camera sold in this online store has two types, which are brand new camera and also secondhand camera. In this online store, customer can see through the best camera detail and specification along with the pictures provided. Based on the KEH camera review, the store have provided best service for the camera lovers with many types of camera provided. Those who lover to collect old style camera can also search some in this online store.

KEH camera review

Since there are many camera lovers gather on this online market site, sometimes the camera lover are creating small gathering among the camera lovers or photographers from the forum. In addition to the online market, based on the KEH camera review, it is said that the store can relate many photography lovers and give them chance to review some types of camera. With all those features and the advantages, this big online market for camera has become the first option to depend for the photography lovers. Most of sellers in this online market are also being honest in giving the specification of the product, especially for the secondhanded camera. They also provided many pictures for the customer to look at and review the appearance based on the photo displayed.

In fact, many of KEH camera review has given positive feedback, so that anyone can try to purchase camera and the accessories related in this store. The sites also make sure that the product shipping will come in time and doesn’t delay, in addition to best quality for the brand new camera. In case customer having complain, they can always make one in the forum available, and other users and member will help them in solving the problem and giving some good advices.

Best Digital Camera under 100: Canon Powershot A800 Review

best digital camera under 100

As one of the best digital camera under 100, the Canon PowerShot A800 camera come with Live Control feature that provides flexibility to adjust the brightness, color saturation, and tonal range. The use of this feature can ensure the perfection of the images that highlight the creativity of its users. These four cameras also have the ability to record HD video with 1280 × 720 quality and is supported with crystal clear audio. To add variety of video results, users can enable Miniature Effect in Movie feature when recording. Canon adds a unique feature on the four cameras is the discreet feature that can disable the flash and operate the camera in a state without sound.

best digital camera under 100

Dynamic IS technology on this best digital camera under 100 ensures crystal clear video recording while on the move. The PowerShot A3300 IS offers a 16-megapixel camera lens and a 3 “LCD screen, while the A3200 IS offers a camera lens with 14.1 megapixel resolution and a 2.7” LCD screen. Both of these cameras are equipped with 28mm wide-angle lens, 5x optical zoom, and F2.8 aperture capable of ensuring the clarity of the photos even when taken in low lighting conditions. The A3300 IS and A3200 IS have aluminum body and are available in five attractive colors: red, pink, blue, orange, and silver. Canon PowerShotA800 is sold under $100.

For those users who want a handy camera accompanied by an affordable price, the Canon PowerShot A800 can be the right choice. The camera is equipped with a 10 megapixel lens and 3.3 optical zoom. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable hand grip when in use. This camera uses 2 AA batteries, so users do not have to worry if the battery runs out on the way. Users only need to replace AA batteries that are available in the shop or supermarket. The A800 is available in three colors-red, silver, and gray, and also one of the best digital camera under 100.

Best DSLR Camera under 500: Nikon D3400 for Beginner

best dslr camera under 500

Many beginner in photography world are confusing in choosing best dslr camera under 500. They shol meet the camera with the specification easy to operate, as well as having low price. Nikon D3400 is the perfect answer for the beginner who seeks best camera to operate. In fact, this series is not too different from Nikon D3300 from various facets. The image quality is the same, the 11 point autofocus system, 1080 / 60p video, the speed of 5 consecutive photos per second.The new one is Snapbridge technology. This technology connects the camera and mobile phone via Bluetooth low energy (BLE), more power efficient than Wifi system so that between the camera and mobile phone can be connected continuously without worrying the battery runs out quickly.

best dslr camera under 500

This best dslr camera under 500 still have more good specifications. Power efficiency also increased from 700 photos per battery in Nikon D3300 camera to 1200 photos. Enough for a walk for a few days. Nikon also mentioned the updated Mode Guide to make it easier for beginners to learn photography. Unfortunately there are also reduced features, namely sensor anti-dust cleaning system, and external mic port which is usually used by videographer to monitor audio.Unlike other camera makers who currently focus on the development of mirrorless cameras, Nikon keeps making DSLR cameras. There are no signs Nikon will seriously make a mirrorless camera to replace its DSLR camera system. So far, Nikon has a mirrorless camera system, Nikon 1, but many critics that the sensor is too small so the quality is not too different from the compact camera.

Development of the kit lens is also my good value because AF-P allows autofocus lens is smoother and not noisy for the purposes of photos and video. Nikon AF-P lens 70-300mm f / 4.5-6.3 looks quite compact with affordable price. It seems to be very helpful for far subject shooting like wildlife and sports activities. No wonder that this best dslr camera under 500 is the best choice for the beginner in photography.