Fine Art Wedding Photography Using Smoke

Forget the romantic decorations, the flowers, let alone the studio with a monotonous background for wedding photo background. Now, the trend of marriage background is smoke with bright colors. Wedding photo trends with colorful smoke, now very popular in fine art wedding photography in many countries. The colorful smoke is created by smoke bombs sold in the market. Relax, smoke bomb is safe (for not thrown or opened in front of someone’s face).The smoke bomb form resembles a soda drink, when the valve is opened it comes out of smoke with a bright color, ranging from purple, blue, orange, pink, and other colors.This smoke effect with bright colors gives the impression of a fantastic wedding photo.

fine art wedding photography

Variety of color choices, backgrounds, and the right pose, then the fine art wedding photography will look very beautiful like in a fairy tale.Generally, couples choose background space such as forests, parks, or beaches, to take pictures with this smoke bomb.Therefore, the nuances and the resulting effect created more beautiful when posing with maximum light.Before the smoke bomb trend became a trend, the world’s citizens are familiar with the beautiful colors through the colorful powder thrown in the air at the Holi festival, India.The festival is still a target of photography lovers. Because, the effect that is appeared when throwing colorful powder into the air is amazing.

In addition this fine art wedding photography concept needs some props to realize. As a best photographer, then you need to prepare all the props needed for creating this effect beforehand. There are some tools which can creating smokes and often used by certain artist concert. The price might be cost higher, but then you can charge your couple client if they agree with that. If the couple want to save some, then you need to develop your ideas and creativity by making certain effect similar to that but in low budget.

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