Many Kinds of Wedding Photography Poses

For those who want to hold the wedding, there are many wedding photography poses which you can try. The ordinary poses often use the kissing pose in between the couple, in fact, you can try different poses with the different background. It is important to adjust the poses to the photo background. In example for the nature concept, you can try the poses of Tarzan with the background of the jungle. In fact, some of couple had tried the concept of Adam and Eve concept which use jungle as the background along with topless concept. There are still many other nature photo concept like with the beach as the background, sea and so on. For the poses, you can have the suitable poses like vacation in the beaches and so on.

wedding photography poses

In addition to determining the best wedding photography poses, you also need to use the suitable props for the concept. Like nature concept for sea and beach background will be suitable using unformal attire, while the formal suits and gown can also be the option. Some people tend to have pre wedding photo session with the simple and casual concept compared to the wedding ceremony photography. Nature background has been used for many of the wedding couple and make the best pre wedding photo session.

For those who like to try certain traditional wedding concept, should also adjust the wedding photography poses to the concept. Like if you use Bali photography concept, then pose like Balinese dancer flirting to the Balinese male dancer. That example can also be applied based on each traditional concept. In addition, the poses should also be adjusted to the background of the photo session. You can try different pose like when male lifting up the female couple, or using silhouette concept photography. Consulting with the photographer should also be done since he can determine the best photo shoot angle.

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