South Indian Wedding Photography Concept

The marriage procession series in India shown from South Indian wedding photography is very long and takes a few days. From the start of the procession before marriage, the wedding and after the wedding. Before the wedding happen, there is a ceremony that is Shagun. It is the visit of the mother of the man to the house of the prospective woman while carrying gifts, clothes, rice, and jewelry. After the prize was received, the two families discussed the wedding date. If in Indonesia he called the application.Then the ceremony continue with the Pithi ritual that symbolizes good luck. Done separately at the residence of each man and woman. This tradition smeared turmeric paste; flour and rose water in the skin of the bride and groom.

South Indian wedding photography

The memorable South Indian wedding photography can be shown from the ring exchanging moment. This moment is the same like other wedding ceremonial in many countries. In addition, the next unique moment is decorating the hand and feet with ornamental painting. The prospective bride will be wearing mehndi. This process aims to decorate the hands and feet of the bride. The ceremony was held at the bride’s home. Prospective brides are usually accompanied by close friends and unmarried cousins. In the ritual mehndi usually be served food and music. The dancing party was held at the house of the bride and groom separately. Old families usually sing traditional songs and bless the bride. Mehndi has a very beautiful style and has many meanings. Indian society believes, the more black mehndi the more sustainable family relationships.

The next ritual before wedding agenda shown from South Indian wedding photography is shower ceremony for the bride. The bride is showered with flowers and some natural perfume. The natural perfume are made of many flowers and some scent full leafs. Then it is followed by the wedding ceremony day mostly hold in the big house balcony or in the pure temple. The bunch full flowers hanged everywhere is one of the sign from the Indian wedding concept.

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