Vintage Wedding Photography Preparation

One of the prewedding photo themes you can try is the theme of vintage prewedding photos. Vintage style which means old or old style is certainly has some traits that remind us back to the retro era again. If so, for the theme of your vintage wedding photography look interesting on the camera, it will need a detailed preparation as well. First thing to do is finding the inspiration for the vintage clothing concept. Vintage style is the cloth which are from the era of 1920s -1970s, and this era hascertain different styles as well. So, you could say a vintage prewedding photo, or retro impressed old style that you can combine in many ways dress. Because what will be most noticeable from a prewedding photo is the wardrobe used, so start to search for also the catchy vintage clothing references seen. Vintage Fashion has some classic features such as skirts or high waist model pants, A-line model skirt, red skirt with long under the knees, headband, polka-dot motif, red lipstick flared Marilyn Monroe style.

vintage wedding photography

Then the next preparation for vintage wedding photography concept is in finding the best place. Nature is mostly used by wedding couple to capture pre wedding moment. In fact, not all nature background can fit perfectly to the vintage concept. You can still using nature as the background, but then it will needs special effect for editing to create the vintage concept. In fact, having the old building as the background will be the best for vintage concept.

The next thing to maintain in vintage wedding photography concept is in finding the best accessories. Some vintage concept use the ordinary accessories for photo like balloon, ribbon, and so on. To get the best concept, it is better to do some surveys and research about it, and take a look at old wedding photography from the old era to immerse in the concept well.

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