Wedding Photography Contract Template

For those who just open their wedding photography company, it is important to create wedding photography contract template to make the significant agreement between you and your client. Contract format is different with the survey format. Survey format acquires complete data and information of the wedding couple. Then you need to make both of the form, which have different function. Survey form should be given to the client when they want to use the service from your wedding photography company, and you need to know all the information from your clients. This information is contained on the survey form.

wedding photography contract template

Then, the wedding photography contract template is the form which consist of the rule of the photography session made by photography agency, and in this term is you. In this case, you need to insert all rule you have made to your client. It should consist of the time for photo session, the agreement in changing the item if there are some broken item during the agenda, and many other things. In beneath the form, leave the space for the signature place in between two parties, you and the client. Make sure that all the rules have included in the contract and can be read clearly by your client.

Then, it is better to make different wedding photography contract template based on the package you offer. Like the standard package will have certain time photo taking which will be different compared to deluxe package or other package. Then you need to make contract based on the package along with the promotion program. In case you have special request from client outside from what you have offered in the package, it is better to have the soft file format of the contract to make you easy in editing it in the future.

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