Wedding Photography Ideas in Pre-wedding Session

These days many young wedding couple tend to have different concept for their wedding photography ideas, especially during pre-wedding session. It is because wedding is the best moment in the life and is done once lifetime, so that people doesn’t want to have ordinary pre-wedding photo session concept similar to the ordinary couple did. The unique concepts such as the tribe traditional concept, concept adapted from other countries, and so on. If you want to have special wedding, then you can begin by determining certain wedding photo session concept which will remain in your memory forever. You can choose it based on couple hobbies, or other things you often do together.

wedding photography ideas

After determining the best concept of wedding photography ideas for pre wedding session, then the next thing to do is preparing all the props you need. Make a list of all props you need to make you easy to organize everything and doesn’t miss even single thing. In case you adapt the concept from overseas country, try to find the props from the traditional market of the country origin in your city, or by purchasing some of the props online. For those who want to save some budget can make the props DIY which currently become trends, especially by using the recycle item. You can watch many tutorial videos from online to get more inspirations.

Afterward, do not forget to determine the places to capture your best pre wedding session. In case you need to take photo in public places, make sure you have asked the permit from the government or corps to make your wedding photo session safer and legal. In determining the wedding photography ideas, do not forget to prepare best poses stick to the concept. In addition, you should also check the weather in that area beforehand, to prevent from unwanted condition during your pre wedding photo session.

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